Are you ready to experience more abundance in your life?

Do you struggle with feeling limited in your choices?

Do you find it hard to believe in new possibilities?

Do you long for more satisfaction and fulfillment?

If you answered yes to any of these questions,
this 14-Day Align to Abundance Challenge is a game changer.

Are you ready to:

Develop a new more expanded understanding of abundance
Push past your limiting beliefs
Expand your feelings of gratitude and appreciation
Choose a positive & optimistic mindset
Create your life, your way – every day!

Nothing changes by itself, it requires a catalyst.

This 14-day challenge can be that catalyst – a spark of inspired action that can launch new thinking, behaviors and results.

Your Program Details

The Align to Abundance 14 Day Challenge is designed to help you develop a
powerful and effective daily routine that supports you.

Starting your day in your highest alignment, positivity and focus are critical for manifesting a life you love.

Each day you will receive easy and practical techniques to help you shift your
mindset to who you want to be. This challenge includes a journal, meditation, and daily prompts to support you every step of the way.

You will be introduced to powerful Life Mastery Skills like Meditation, Personal
Reflection, Journaling, Declarations, and Gratitude.

Changing takes work, and nothing happens by itself. A catalyst is required for
change to occur.

This 14-day challenge might be that spark of inspired action that can help you achieve your goals by boosting your creativity and generating
innovative thinking.

Program Elements

Lessons and Tips

Each day you will receive a new lesson helping to deepen your understanding of the elements of the daily journaling practice.  You will gain tips and tricks to support you in tailoring these practice to you.  The goal is not perfection, it is developing a willingness (and hopefully create a desire) to practice.


You will receive a 14 day journal to support you in implementing the daily lessons and practices introduced in this challenge.

Guided Meditation

This short guided meditation is designed to help you practice quieting the mind, and beginning your day with clear, calm focus. 

What You Will Experience

  1. This eCourse will be delivered to you each day for 16 days through email. Each day you will be invited to listen to a short 9 min meditation, and complete a daily journaling assignment.

  2. The average time commitment is 20-30 minutes each day.

  3. The challenge will begin 2 days after you receive your enrollment confirmation email. You will be provided links to the supporting documents, recommendations for successful completion prior to starting the course.

Anyone can do anything for 14 days.

The key is to be willing to start.

Are you ready to start?

About Coach Nea

As a Transformational Life Coach and Life Mastery teacher, I am passionate about helping people find their power and courage, so they can shift from hesitant to saying YES! To themselves, their dreams and their impact in the world.

At the core of lasting transformation, is the need for a strong foundation. Life Mastery skills help you develop that foundation, through meditation, self-refleciton, personal choice, mindset and bold actions. This challenge is designed to introduce you to these techniques and begin to build your own practice. I hope you enjoy it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much time will I need to allocate for this course?

This course happens over 14 days.
Plan 15 -20 minutes at the start of your day. (Note: it is also possible to do this as the last tasks of your day if that is a better fit for your schedule)

2. How will I receive the course content?

This course is delivered through email. Each day you will get an email from Please be sure to save this email address as a contact so they don’t get lost in Spam or Trash.

3. I don't like meditation/journaling/writing, will this work for me?

This course is a great way to start trying meditation and journaling. For years I thought I couldn’t meditate, so I stopped trying. Then years later I tried again and it took a few trys, but I eventually found that I loved it and benefitted from learning to quiet my mindand be present. 

I encourage you to take a similar approach. Try these tools out a little each day and see what happens. After all, any one can do anything for 14 days, right?

4. What if I already have a daily practice, how will this be different?

This practice is designed to establish daily alignment with your highest knowing and Spirit. You will be acclimated to the ever-expanding consciousness finding greater peace, ease, and harmony in your daily living. Your current practice will likely be enhanced with this current practice. I would ask that if you do daily meditation and/orwriting, that you allow this practice to be your focus for the duration of this 31-day practice building. At the end of this practice, you may find there are things you will keep, adjust or drop to make your daily practice work best for you.

5. How much is this course?

This 14-day challenge if offered FREE! Enjoy!

6. Other Questions?