It is time to find and follow your YES!

It all starts with a Conversation.

Let's Talk

Engaging a coach is a deeply personal decision, both for you and for the coach.  There needs to be a commitment to the work, but also to each other, in order to achieve the desired results.  True transformation demands us to be ALL IN.  For that reason, I make time for an initial conversation for all of my clients before we move to booking services or programs.

This initial conversation is an invitation for us to connect, get to know each other and explore what the best next step might be for you: 1:1 coaching, Group Coaching, eCouses, Business Development and Consulting or perhaps a referral.

A Reset to YES! Program

1:1 Coaching   

The Reset to YES! Program is designed to support you in awakening to who you are capable of becoming. The tools, methods and practices included enhance your one-on-one coaching with Nea Clare.  The coaching sessions are client focused, tailored to your unique needs, and the Reset to Yes! Program supports you in creating a new foundation to expand your capablity, power, impact and confidence to achieve your dreams.


  • You will begin to see the unconscious programming – habits of hesitation, diminishment and doubt that keep you in a cycle of playing small.   
  • You will develop an unshakable faith in your personal power, inner wisdom and creative force.  
  • You will learn to focus your attention and energy on what you LOVE and draw support for what you NEED.   

When you reset your yes, you come back to your true self, before the outside world told you who you need to be. 

Discovery Call

I believe that we can create powerful change together!

I want to understand what you hope to get out of the coaching experience and how I can be helpful in helping you reach your goals. 

Let’s set up a Discovery Call so we can explore this together.

During this complimentary chat, I’ll ask focused questions to help us both see why coaching may or may not be a good fit. We will have time to discuss what you hope to get out of the coaching experience and get a sense of whether we’re a good fit for each other. If we find we’re a good fit, then we’ll design a coaching package specifically for you.

You will be sent a short form to fill out before our call. Please take the time to answer all of the questions, as this will make our time together more engaging.

Awaken Your
Yes Session

What would it be like to live more fully into your YES? Let’s find out!

Are you feeling held back from something you truly desire? Most people spend an excessive amount of time and energy trying to avoid the call of their desires. They’ve learned how to stay within the boundaries of what is reasonable, safe, and expected – therefore they cease dreaming. Does this sound familiar? 

The Breakthrough to YES! session is a perfect starting point if you are feeling ready to make a change, but are feeling overwhelmed, stuck or unclear about what you really want for yourself. 

This is a full two hours of powerful clarity, focus and next steps!

YES to Success
Strategy Call

Business Strategy and Consultation

I work with solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them find easy, effective and powerful ways to generate income for their business.

I have over 20 years as a business consultant, launching new businesses within a Fortune 500 company, as well as, 10 years of growing and expanding my own coaching and consulting business.   

Specific areas of specialization

  • Service and Service Package Pricing and Strategy
  • Client engagement
  • eCourse Planning and Strategy
  • Monetization strategy
  • Business and Product/Service Ideation
  • Hiring and Developing a Team

If you have questions, feel free to book a Discovery Call First.


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