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Inner-Wisdom Services are transformative engagemetns designed to foster a deep connection with your highest wisdom, amplify your inner knowing, and create sacred spaces for expanded consciousness and connection. As a Natural Channel for Spirit, a powerful intuitive, and a teacher of Life Mastery skills, Nea Clare is dedicated to guiding you on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. With a passion for sharing her gifts, Nea Clare serves as a catalyst for unlocking your own Divine Wisdom.

Personal Clarity Sessions

Experience personalized one-hour sessions tailored to your needs. Whether you’re seeking coaching, intuitive guidance, channeling, or guided visualization, Nea Clare will help you gain clarity, break free from limitations, and take inspired action.

Divine Conversations

Join us for our transformative group channeled events, where Nea Clare channels insights and wisdom from Spirit to support collective growth and understanding. Connect with like-minded individuals and gain valuable insights to guide your journey.
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Host a Divine
Gathering Event

🌟 Host Your Own Divine Gathering! 🌟

Gather your nearest and dearest for an unforgettable evening of spiritual insight and connection with Nea Clare’s exclusive Group Channeling Experience!

What’s Included:

  • Private Group Channeling Session: Nea Clare offers both full Trance Channel and Conscious Channeling experiences, providing personalized guidance and insights to align with the energy of your group.
  • Intimate Setting: Hosted in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by your closest friends and loved ones.
  • Virtual Events Available: Conduct group readings via Zoom and/or Skype for remote gatherings and virtual parties.
  • Mileage Included: Up to a 40 mile round trip.  Any further distance may incur an additional per/mile fee. 

Referral Rewards: For any full session booked from attendees, the host will receive $20 toward a personal session with Nea. For any party booked, the host will receive a Free personal session with Nea that can be gifted. It’s Nea’s way of saying Thank you!

Event Options

Group Focused Event

Enjoy 2 hours of transformative channeling with Nea Clare, tailored for groups of 8-16 people. Additional guests can join for $25 each, up to a maximum of 20 attendees.

Individual Focused Event

Ideal for smaller, more intimate gatherings of 8-10 people, this option offers 1:1 sessions with Nea Clare. Need more time/sessions an additional $35/person for this service.


  • Total Cost: $499 for either option.
  • Reservation Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of $125 is required to secure your desired date and time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, attendees can record their personal questions and sessions. If there is a large group event focus, Nea Clare will record the session and send the recordings out to the guests.

That’s okay! They can set their intention with the group and will likely receive a message or insight that feels quite personal.

It’s flexible based on the group’s comfort level. Questions may focus on guides or channeled messages, and sometimes messages come through from loved ones who have passed. Nea Clare ensures that all messages are appropriate and in the best interest of the individuals and the group energy.

Nea Clare will provide a sample invitation and overview of what to expect, including how to prepare for the sessions.

Of course! Schedule time with Nea Clare to discuss the nature of your gathering and what you would like to create (

  • The deposit must be paid at time of booking and as the host, you will sign the agreement to meet the minimum due ($374). We can discuss options where your guests can pay me directly for their session.
  • Issues can happen – and a cancellation may be necessary. We will work with the host to reschedule.  All payments are final and non-refundable.

Tipping is not required or expected.   If you or your guests choose to include a tip that will be appreciated but not expected.  

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