A Reset to Yes

A Life Reboot Camp

After all the books, coaching, classes workshops, webinars, and retreats you’ve bought...

Do you still feel STUCK and PARALYZED by self-doubt whenever you try to

  • achieve your goals,
  • step into your calling, and
  • create the life you love?

You don’t need another “life hack” to overwhelm your mind. You need a RESET.

“I was close to losing my job or quitting and I felt stuck and overwhelmed with life. Working with Nea I was able to see more clearly how my self-doubt was getting in my way from getting what I really wanted. I discovered that what I was resisting was exactly what I wanted, but was so afraid of going for it. I went from being what Nea calls a ‘frustrated leader’ to getting promoted into a leadership role, and it is such a great fit for me.”
— Cathy M., Sr. Manager

Hey goal-getter,

Do you struggle with trusting who you are and what you want that you can’t take the leap of faith?

Are you constantly reminded that you’re called to do more, be more and live a life of impact – but are weighed down by fear and uncertainty?

Have you spent years working on yourself, only to find that you still question your value, doubt your impact, and diminish your achievements?

After all the books, coaching, classes workshops, webinars, and retreats…

You probably still ask yourself these questions:

What is wrong with me?”

“What is keeping me from what I really want?”

You feel like there’s a problem—something that’s holding you back from a breakthrough—but you’re not quite sure what it is.
It’s frustrating. I know what it’s like!

One of the biggest misconceptions of getting out of this vicious cycle is this:

“I need to learn this, get this, buy this…”

It’s the idea of ADDING more stuff into your life—only for it to collect digital dust because, well, you hold yourself back in implementing!

Most coaches and gurus try to help you achieve stuff but don’t deal on what already IS — your current beliefs, habits, reactions, and other practices that secretly hold you back.

These underlying factors are like are big invisible heavy chains wrapped around you.

That’s why you start feeling hopeless, thinking that there is something wrong with you.

Guilt paralyzes you.

Self doubt beats you up.

Negative thoughts hold you back.

Day by day, the fear of not being able to live up to your full potential creeps in.

Until one day… it’s too late.

You’ve run out of time.

You have less energy and more important priorities in life that you can’t afford to focus on your own passion.

Slowly, you give up on your dream life where you not just survive, but THRIVE in your purpose as the person you were called to be.

A lot of dreamers fear this. It’s NOT your fault.

Sometimes, we unintentionally adapt to our environments not knowing it doesn’t help us in the long run.

But you are NOT defined by your failures or doubts.

In fact, you are truly magnificent, and brilliant. Tthere is no one else in the world quite like you. The fact that you’re here reading this means you’re part of the 1% who haven’t given up.

Wherever you are right now, it’s not a permanent situation.

I mean… what if the problem is not who you are, but rather, how you respond to change and challenge?

There’s a way to destroy the negative loop of not feeling certain, not feeling ready, and not feeling qualified. It’s simpler than you think—yet it’s still one of the most uncommon blueprint I’ve ever encountered.

You have a desire or a dream that is ready to come through you – and it is time to break through the doubt and make it happen.

It is time to face the root cause of the issue.

It is time to destroy it… NOT your core identity, but the barriers you’ve put up to protect yourself.

Are you ready for this?

Introducing: A Reset to Yes Reboot Camp—the kickstart you need to say YES to yourself and your dreams.

This 10-week Reboot Camp guides you through a process of self-discovery, guided practice, and international design to replace negative cycles by creating new habits, beliefs, and practices that support you in creating a life you love.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

How to uncover your current limiting beliefs, habits, and reactions that are secretly holding you back

How to create unshakeable confidence in you that helps you do what it takes without uncertainty, self-doubt, and overthinking

How to create your own operating systems to immediately achieve what you want in life without losing your true self

How to connect with your inner desires and dreams to make sure you’re not unintentionally following someone else’s life purpose

How to wake up every day with passion, focus, and belief in yourself by applying strategies that most successful people do

How to discover and navigate your inner dialogues to make sure you don’t subconsciously put up barriers between you and your dreams

How to implement and solidify your personalized systems in your life so you can create sustainable change and make sure you don’t fall back

And much much more!

Our Coaching Roadmap

Reset Your Yes is a 7 Step Process where you will that is running the show, and likely getting in the way of what you really want. You will be guided to begin to listen to your inner wisdom, the YES that shows up in your desires and frustrations – so we can create a new operating system that supports your goals and dreams.

Week 1: Discover Your Habits of Hesitation

What is your habit of holding yourself back? In week one, we will get clear about what your pattern of hesitation is and how it is impacting your ability to take action in your life.

Week 2: Outline Your Current Operating System

How you do one thing, is how you do everything. In this week, we’ll bring attention to the habits, behaviors, and beliefs that are running your show. How do you respond in your life? What is the unconscious pattern?

Week 3: Access Your Desire

Together in Week 3, we will discover what really lights you up and how to bring that forward into your every day experience. You will develop a relationship with your Inner Wisdom, and take bold imperfect actions to develop your clarity, confidence, and conviction for your dream!

Week 4: Discover Your Currency

Let’s discover what you bring to the table. What is the currency that you are sharing and transacting with in the world? How can you contribute, help people, and make an impact in a way that is fulfilling for you?

Week 5: Design A New System

There is a significant difference between knowing what you want and living in alignment with what you want. In this phase of the program, we will begin to ‘install’ new beliefs, behaviors, and responses that align with what you are creating and who you want to be in the world.

Week 6: Practice & Perfecting

Let’s start to implement your new plan. Practicing, focusing, and sharing challenges and successes. Together we will take Bold Imperfect Actions

Week 7: Create Your Success Plan

Every small change has big and expansive impacts. When you make changes to how you respond to life it affects the people, organizations, and processes you engage in. Preparing for that impact, you will learn to anticipate challenges so you can navigate with grace and focus.

Week 8: Into Acton

Installation of the new Operating System – new behaviors, attitudes, and choices. Learn to take Bold Imperfect Actions to keep your desire in motion.

Week 9: Refinement & Reflection

Not everything is going to work as imagined. Learning to be nimble and adjust as needed is a life mastery skill. On Week 9, I’ll help you learn to live with an Agile approach and to iterate and adjust as needed.

Week 10: Celebration!

Let’s celebrate what you have achieved together! We will come together to acknowledge each other and what we have learned, discovered, and shared on this journey. Last but not the least, we will share what our next steps look like (because it doesn’t end here!)

“Nea is a great coach and teacher. In working with her, I have learned how to get out of my own way. I spent years taking classes, attending workshops, collecting certificates to try to feel good enough to start my business as an energy healer. I spent thousands trying to feel like an expert. But it wasn’t until I started taking clients, getting paid, that I had the chance to practice what I had learned. Nea helped me to see that sometimes the best way to just do what scares you.”
— Heather G.

This High-Value Reboot Camp is For You if…

● You know you’re focused on the right thing but you feel stuck

● You feel tired of self-sabotaging and not doing what it takes to reach your goals

● You know what to do but you’re always hesitant when it’s time to take the leap

● You fear that you’ll wake up one day realizing it’s too late to pursue your dreams

● You believe can achieve more and make an impact, but you’re not sure what’s holding you back

Clearly, this is NOT for everyone. If this doesn’t resonate with you, feel free to leave this page and find something else that might help you!

But if you think “Hey.. I feel like this is it.” then I’m ready to take you by the hand and help you get to where you want in life.

Here's What You'll Get if You Join A Reset to Yes Reboot Camp Today

➔ 3-Hour Discover Your Yes Live Workshop via Zoom ($700 value!)

➔ Reset to Yes Reboot Camp 10-week program

● Reset to Yes Lessons & Activities ($700 value!)
● Bi-weekly Group Coaching via Zoom ($1150 value!)
● Moderated Private Facebook Group for Members ($350 value!)
● Reset to Yes Workbook ($100 value!)
● Into Action Mindset Shift Guide ($100 value!)

➔ BONUS #1 – One Personal Coaching Session with Nea Clare ($350 value!)

➔ BONUS #2 – Create Your Vision Workshop ($65 value!)

➔ BONUS #3 – One Year Access to Guided Meditation Library ($30 value!)

Listen, this reboot camp can easily help you reach your biggest goals without being held back by your own beliefs and patterns.

That’s how powerful this program is!

But Don't Worry, I Won't Be Charging You $6645 for This...

I could though, and the SERIOUS people would still buy…

But I won’t!

Why? Well, my number one goal is to help more people feel empowered, fearless, and certain in their journey to creating the life they love. No barriers, no chains.

So I decided to price it at $1000…

Because (with the bonuses) I’m sure a lot of people would still join at that price.


I stopped and thought to myself:

“Wait! My #1 goal is to help as many people as I can this year. So I should price this reboot camp even lower to do that.”


You’re getting 10 weeks of intensive coaching + all bonuses for a STEAL price if you join today…

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If it’s for you to live a fulfilling and abundant life…

If it’s for you to finally feel confident in yourself and in every step you take towards your goals…

If it’s for the sake of the people you’d like to impact in this world…

Wouldn’t you consider this as an investment?

Most people would usually spend their $497 on material things. They buy clothes, technology, and other things that wouldn’t even make that much of an impact on their souls.

I couldn’t blame them. Not everyone can access programs like these – so you’re in luck that you’re here—a few steps away from a breakthrough.

So let me leave you with one question:

How much are you really willing to spend for you to live the life you absolutely LOVE?

Registration for the Bootcamp – BOOTCAMP begins July 11th, 2022

This offer won’t last long.

Hoping to see you soon!

To your success,

Nea Clare