5 Truths to Help You At Your Edge

Here you are, standing on the edge… again.   You are looking over to gauge how far the drop will be, attempting to measure just how bad the damage will be if you fall to your demise.  If you could only know…will you fall or will you fly?  There is only one way to know, and that is to just take that leap.  It is called a leap of faith for a reason, because FAITH is required to take the action.

But faith in what?

Faith in something greater than your finite self. Faith in something more than your own experience. Faith in that deep feeling, the urging of your soul that keeps bringing you to this very edge, over and over again.

As you stand on the edge… again,  I am going to invite you to consider these 5 truths:

  1. Your inner voice never lies.   When you listen to that still, small voice that lies within you, you are in direct connection with your highest self.   Your highest self remembers who you are before you were you, who you were born to be and where you were born from.
  2. The Universe does not tease.    So, here you stand at the edge and you are wondering what you should do.  Your inner voice brought you here to the edge of what seems like an impossible/impassible next step… this is not a joke.  If you could not achieve it, you would not be here.   Have faith in that which has faith in YOU!
  3. Knowing the outcome is not the point.   That part of you that always wants to know the punchline before the joke is over, or how the book  ends before you are half-way through… you are missing out on the mystery of learning.   You cannot possibly know what you do not know ahead of when you will know it.   More simply, you cannot learn ahead.  Learning is something that happens through actual experience, and often not something we are aware of until the experience has passed, and we come to the realization that our understanding has been expanded.   Waiting for the outcome to be revealed, could mean waiting a lifetime.
  4. You can handle whatever comes.   You would not have come this far in your journey if this was not true.  Take a moment to close your eyes and reflect back on your life.  Think of all of the times you were certain you did not have what it would take to get through the given situation.   And here you are. You did it!   And you can do it again, if you are willing to take that next step.
  5. Just say YES!   When you declare your YES! everything shifts.   The Universe conspires to support and affirm you.  The power of your YES! will transform how you experience being at the edge – your fear will shift to excitement, your doubt will shift to curiosity and your reluctance will be transformed into a deep desire to take action.

Be willing to live boldly, to step into the unknown and have faith that your dreams, your desires are lovingly supported by an abundant Universe.  You are capable and worthy of what lies on the other side of that next step.

Jump and the net will appear.  ~Anonymous

What are you saying YES to?


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