Dancing at the Edge

“Fixed mindset worries in the nest and the growth mindset dances on the edge.”

― Amit Ray, Mindfulness Living in the Moment – Living in the Breath

Today I heard the words, “You are dancing at the edge of knowing.” spoken softly in my . And I immediately saw myself twirling around and around, and then suddenly feeling pulled into what felt like nothingness (no-thing-ness), only my toe touching the edge. It was being both here and being pulled into something altogether new at the same time. Amazing. Exhilirating. Unsettling.

Dancing at the edge, indeed.

Right now life seems to be pulling us to something new, and we are each struggling in our own way to hold tight to what we know, and stretch into what might be possible. And we can’t see, and we can no longer just be where we have been…it will never be the same.

So we dance. Spinning. Reaching. Stretching into what is pulling us.

If being both here and there is not possible, then something must be surrendered.

Surrender the desire to follow where we are being pulled…


Surrender the attachment to what we know…

Either way, the surrender is complete.

Complete letting go of possiblity


Complete letting go of certainty

Does growth demand certainty?

Does a flower demand to know when it will bloom or how many petals it will have before it agrees to open?

Our nature demands we grow in the direction we are pulled.

What would it be to honor the pull more than cleaving to our need to know?

Thoughts on a cold October afternoon.

10.25.2020 Nea Clare

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