Action Might Be the Key You Need

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The single biggest obstacle I face each day is my willingness to ask the question, “what would I love?”   

I know asking that question evokes powerful access to my highest knowledge, and often creates openings where previously it appeared there was only a dead end. I can know all of the things i need to do, have all of the resources to begin, and still nothing…NO THING will change unless….

Unless, I find the willingness to take an action that puts me in alignment with what I would love in my life.  Even if what I would love feels far, far away.

Simple. Just ask the question, right?

I know I am not alone in this because I have spent the last 10 years coaching people through  that pattern of behavior, which keeps them feeling stuck and powerless. I could spend a lot of time explaining WHY we behave this way, but that is just more information for you to ponder over.  But I want to remind you, knowing the “why” of the matter doesn’t change it, it only puts context to our experience.  If you want to move forward, you must focus on what action you are willing to take.  

Action is the key.

Taking an action must occur before we will ever experience:

  • Feeling courageous
  • Feeling powerful
  • Knowing our capability
  • Having faith
  • Feeling confident 
  • Experiencing certainty

Action. Is. The. Key.

Let me tell you about Teresa. She sought out coaching to help get ready to transition into being a self-employed health coach. Teresa had lost her job and felt it was the time to be ‘all in’ with her coaching business.  For three years, she created her brand, built a website, had three different certifications, but no paying clients.  She felt like she had done all the right things, but couldn’t figure out why the clients weren’t there.  Through coaching, she realized that her fears of being rejected kept her from engaging people in her services.  All the time, money, and effort  she had spent to look good and to build her expertise was not going to help her get  take the action of asking prospective clients for their business. Once she realized that, it didn’t reduce the fear and discomfort about taking the action, but it made it clear that there was no other way than to just do it!  So she made a list of prospects, created an offer, wrote a script and started calling. She fumbled, she got frustrated by hearing ‘no, thank you’ or ‘not right now’, but she kept going.  And when she got her first “YES!” she was filled with such a sense of accomplishment and delight, that she wanted more.   

Perhaps you can relate to Teresa.

When we feel stuck, the last thing we usually think about is action.   But, if we can ask “what is one small imperfect action I can take right now?”  we quickly come to realize that we aren’t as stuck as we thought we were.   Remember – it is not enough to think about taking action – we must TAKE the ACTION, even if we think it won’t matter.

Things to Remember About Action

  • ACTION can mean discomfort – especially if this is a new action.   Do it anyway.
  • ACTION can lead to failure – we might stumble, we might fall.   Be open to learn.
  • ACTION can feel unfamiliar – we can’t see the outcome.    Cultivate curiosity.
  • ACTION can lead to disappointment – it might not be what we had hoped.   Keep trying.
  • ACTION can be overwhelming – we can’t see the forest for the trees.    Take smaller steps.
  • ACTION can feel great.  – we experience possibility in motion.    Keep going.

Personal Discovery Questions

Use these questions to journal this week.

  1.  What is holding me back from getting what I would really love?
  2.  What is the story I am telling myself about this situation?
  3.  What is the action that I am resisting?
  4.  What is one small action I can take in the direction of what I would love?
  5.  When will I take it?

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