You Are Always Supported

“Anything that is of value in life only multiplies when it is given.”

Depak Chopra

Do you realize that you are always supported?

One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves, is being willing to believe that we are always being supported.   Even when it seems like everything is going against us and even when it feels like nothing is working out – it is often just our moment of feeling shaky in our trust and faith we are going to be okay.    And I think this is where the adage, “Hindsight is always 20/20”  must come from.   In the moment we are blind, unable to see what is unfolding for us, and we are feeling limited by our expectations of what we think should be happening.  We cannot possibly see it all.

It is our uncertainty that reaches and, at times, demands answers and certainty -where none is available to comfort our unease.  And that is the moment we lose faith and fall into despair or frustration or resentment.

But over and over and over again, when we are out of the moment and the dust settles, we can see what was not available to us before.  We can see that everything was working in our favor and the support we needed was showing up for us.

These last few days I have been feeling filled with frustration because I have been beset with seasonal allergies that have slowed my ability to get to all of my planned activities.   My pattern when I feel stuck or unproductive is to run the question, “what is wrong with me?” repeatedly.   The question pops up every time I am short of breath, or don’t have the stamina or capability I ‘should’ have for a task.   What is wrong with me?  At the root of this question is the idea that if I am not up to the tasks I have laid out, there is something wrong.  

Do you ever do this to yourself?

Here is a little story for you…

Well, it took a conversation with a friend to help me see things a little differently.  She too, was experiencing a less than productive few days and she expressed her frustration to me. Despite lack of productivity, she had a lot going on in her life.   Earlier in the week, a client had reached out asking her if she would do some private work with her  This private work was nothing my friend had done before, nor had she ever considered it.  But over the weekend she had time to sit quietly and consider the request.  And she also shared that while she was out on an errand, she had a notion to stop by a friends house who was grieving the unexpected loss of their son.  This impromptu visit happened to coincide with the planting of a memorial tree, and she was able to be there to honor the day with a blessing. The quietness of her weekend, opened the door for other inspired opportunties to be considered.

As I listened to my friend, I caught a glimpse of all the ways that we are experiencing support in our lives, all the many ways in which God/Spirit/Universe is working to support us, in ways we cannot even begin to comprehend in the moment.  We must be a willing partner in this grand experiment, and it requires presence, willigness and patience.

Let’s look again at my friend’s frustratingly slow weekend allowed her the time and space to consider a new service for her client.   This new service opened a door to a new and exciting revenue stream she had not before considered, which can allow more free time in her schedule.  That is divine support – there is plenty of time. Being less busy also afforded her the space to tend to her intuition and visit her friend.   Being present and creating space for a sacred blessing, was in perfect timing.   This is also divine support- we have plenty to share. When we allow ourselves to be supported, we can support others.   Support is not just about giving – there is a paradoxical quality to it, where the more you give, the more you receive.  But the key here, is that you have to be willing to receive and see how that too, is also supportive to the greater good.  Love yourself- and others will be positively impacted.  Love one another and that love will expand your lives and the lives of all you touch.

Her story reminded me that nothing is wasted in God’s economy.  No-thing is wasted, ever.   Learning to let go of the expectations of what we want to do and come into alignment with what is actually happening -for us, for the world, for those we serve – we can relax.  And I can realize that there is nothing wrong with me or something that I need to fix. 

  • What support do I need to ask for?
  • What support do I need to welcome?
  • What support can I offer?
  • In what way can self-care, allow the flow of more support/love in the world?

There is PLENTY, even if in the moment we can’t see it.   

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