Hitting an Upper Limit

Who the hell do you think you are?” came booming into my head, as I sat quietly trying to meditate on my hotel bed. And just as quickly, just as booming… deep, resonant laughter. Startled by the unexpected interruption, I then heard…”well, that is just your upper limit, isn’t it?” 

And then, as quickly as it came, it was gone.

Such is the life of a Spiritual Channel; I have visitors that love to say hello in a variety of ways. This time it was Saint Germain, Ascended Master and Teacher, with whom I have a deep and meaningful relationship. His startling interruption occurred as I sat in my hotel bed, in Mt. Shasta, CA taking time to set my intentions for the retreat I was on. His words shook me and his laughter soothed me, as he has been my greatest teacher in learning not to take myself so damned seriously, even when I need to look at things.

I’ve thought a lot about what Saint Germain was trying to invite me to see and understand.  The question, “Who do you think you are?” has kept me playing my cards close to my vest throughout my life, for fear of being ‘too much‘ or ‘too weird‘ or worse(!) ‘too confident in myself“. But never did I see the way I respond to that question as an upper limit – the invisible barrier that I keep bumping against as I try to grow. 

It reminds me of the story of how some people have trained elephants to live in captivity.

From birth, they put a heavy shackle on their foot and tie them to a stake. With the weight of the shackle and the inability to get free, no matter how hard they pull, the young elephants learn that there is no point to try because they are tied up. So, they grow and the keepers no longer put a heavy shackle, they simply tie a rope around the elephant’s leg – one that could easily be broken with a bit of effort. But the elephants don’t pull anymore, they have shaped their life to the tether they’ve had, and have stopped fighting.

In many ways, we all do this. We get used to our tethers, our upper limits, and we begin to create our lives to the edges of those limits.  We do it to avoid, pain, discomfort, embarrassment, and disappointment. After a while, we these limitations become a normalized part of our life.

Until we start to grow.

Then we feel those limits over and over again! We bump into these unseen barriers and find it so hard to move forward in our dreams, our goals, or desires. What is our response? Often we turn on ourselves and wonder, “what is wrong with me?” or “what am I doing wrong?”, which feeds our feelings of uncertainty and doubt.

So it is important to find what that tether is, that is holding us back from growing and expanding into who we really are, who we know we are. Clarity creates awareness and awareness invites us to an opportunity for choice.

Are you ready for a new choice? Are you ready to break through your upper limit? 

Schedule your Awaken Your Yes Session with me. We will discover what is holding you back and how to overcome your Habits of Hesitation and take new, intentional actions for your YES.

When you are living into your YES, you hear the question, “Who do you think you are?” as an invitation to share yourself, your gifts, your joy, your passion rather than a trigger to be defensive. You are the one who has the power to choose YOU

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