Message from The HAO 3.24.2020

Message from The HAO 3.24.2020 as Channeled by Nea Clare

Greetings beloveds.

We are coming to you today, with great love and joy in our energy field to support you in your heart space and in your cognition.  We are helping you to release to and move through all of this, energetic clutter. The fear, the doubt, the worries which keep you from understanding who you are, it keeps you from the Truth of who you are. It holds you in a state of confusion, and the confusion is more normal and familiar and comfortable to you then clarity.

This is not something for you to concern yourself with, but simply to bring to your awareness of how uncomfortable it is in the spaciousness that is the clarity you are experiencing.  We invite you to noticethat part of you that is used to discomfort,  that is used to being roiled and rocked by every little thing… how it seeks more of that concern,  seeks more of what distracts.  This clutters the mind clutters the spirit clutters the field.

We invite you to practice your breath to help allow your body to move and acclimate to this spaciousness that comes with clarity dear ones, and we are not speaking of clarity to know but we are speaking of clarity to be. These are two distinctly different experiences.  Aa=s mental beings as you have been for so long, you are all feeling the call to shift into greater beingness.  This requires letting go of your habit and value in the cognition the understanding of what is changing.

Dear ones, we invite you to come into this clarity with greater understanding and a greater opening to your knowing. This level of knowing is beyond what happens between your ears. It is not a mental process, it is a visceral and vibrational process.  And in this process you come to align with what is True, what Truth is… not just for you but in the totality of the Oneness. It is in this Knowing that you come find greater alignment.  And awaken to the realization that it is not up to You.

Your belief that you must be the one, the one to do the one to manage the one to orchestrate all that is happening in your lives is falling away. This belief, no longer serves you. it no longer serves the world you live in and it no longer serves your fellow humans. It is time now for you to come into harmony with yourself with others, and with your world. This does require a surrender of the self. It requires a letting go of all you believe yourself to be all that has built you to this point to be released into the truth. The knowing, the knowledge and the wisdom of who you are.

How does one, come to this?

It is in the breath. It is in the feeling of the interconnectedness, the interchange of energy in all things, of all things, with all things. You are of this energetic vibration.

And as you breathe, you come into a new practice, into a new awareness. We invite you to use the meditation (The Breath of the World Meditation) that we have provided for you, as your practice.

It is our joy to support you in this new practice.  We hold this energy as you are opening to a new awareness, we are holding this with you and helping make this as easy and free from constraints and friction you expect with such significant changes.   This is as easy as breathing, Beloveds.

You, dear ones are beloved to us. You have asked for our assistance, and we are coming forward to guide you. It is not because we are in any way greater than you, we simply have acclimated already to the energy. It is not about knowledge, no amount of knowledge no amount of study will get you to this place. This is an undoing of that mental process and coming into a greater visceral vibrational alignment. This is very much what many of you have been feeling emerging in your own awareness.

And it is time to honor this, as we honor you.



Who is The HAO?

The HAO is a collective consciousness channeled by Nea Clare. HAO is an acronym that stands for HARMONIC ALIGNMENT IN ONENESS. The mission of the HAO is as emissary and herald of the new frequencies in consciousness, and a new age of being that they call Divine Harmony. The alignment is directly akin to the Divine/Sacred Feminine Consciousness that many have been feeling rising in our consciousness. The HAO are here to help us acclimate and align to a different paradigm/perspective to help us find alignment with and to this new consciousness.

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