Message from The HAO 3.26.2020

The HAO  - The Harmonic Alignment in Oneness

Channeled 2.26.2020 As channeled by Nea Clare- Channel of Divine Wisdom

Greetings, beloved children of Earth.

Greetings, sisters, brothers, we awaken with you.

With every breath we are coming closer together in harmony.

You may be noticing that you feel more at ease. In spite of what is happening around you. All of the chaos, has the opportunity to shock to create uncertainty, fear, doubt, worry, and yet, many of you are choosing to just be. Perhaps it is passive let you wait and see… Wait and see what will come, rather than worry ahead. This is entirely a possible solution.

We invite you to deepen your connection to the present moment, to the now of the now of the now with each breath. Allowing that which you are experiencing to simply move through… to be with your experience as it is to honor yourself. This word honor is imperative dear ones, it is a form of accessing your wholeness.

And it is much more, shall we say, expeditious in you coming into that alignment with your divine knowing.

When you are know your own experience. When you honor your feelings, your thoughts, not by grandiosity needing to affirm them needing to shore them up needing to explain them but simply to be with them to regard them for what they are… moments. And in the next moment there is more… more unfolding more opening more releasing. But, as you attach, meaning as you attempt to understand you slow this process, and sometimes quite often Dear Ones you stop it all together.

So Breathe, breathe, your thoughts.

Breathe, your emotions.

Allow them to come into your consciousness, but not to stay. It is not wise to hold your breath, nor is it wise to hold anything, Dear Ones. The more you come to understand true love, Divine love you understand that it is flowing. It is ever present ever abundant. And when you block yourself from it, when you hoard it in your heart…

When you try to understand it….Building containers for it in your mind, your heart, your language, your reactions your responses…the flow diminishes.

and you remain there, starving aching for more. It is not love that you seek but the flow of love that you seek. This is where the hunger resides. Look at your world now how many are hoarding removing products from the flow the natural flow of need, desire, use. And instead, bringing it all to themselves, selfish in their energy, holding not experiencing the flow.

In many ways this is what this pandemic. This dis-ease that you are experiencing is bringing to light in the consciousness. Not one of you will be free from the experience of what it is that is happening on this planet. You are all connected. Your actions have consequences to others, others you have never met, others you will never know. And yet, they are you, they are part of the whole and your awareness is growing to connect to them. These blank faces. These nameless forms that are now coming into your cognition, you can feel them. Every action you take, you are feeling the impact of your interconnection.

Your symbiosis with the world about you. There is nothing that removes you from this. This has always been true, it is just now coming fully into the collective awareness.

How do you hold space to this?

You do not. You do not hold anything dear ones, it is about learning to be in the moment in the breath of what is coming, breathe it in experience it let it go. Trust that another breath will bring new perhaps a new awareness, a new understanding of what this is.

It is not about devouring, and is not about hoarding ideas or concepts. It is understanding that as you grieve, you are part of a collective, that is also breathing and as you breathe in together as you come to know yourselves you come to know each other and you’ve come to understand things in new ways.

Together, Dear Ones…

Awakening your consciousness.

Awakening, your divinity.

But the vessel the mind that you are currently working with the collective consciousness that is currently in place…doubts this flow, doubts this knowing. And it retreats to habit of destruction, habit of fear, habit of isolation, habit of selfishness. And so you must find the way through these habits Dear One, you must find yourself willing to be aware of something greater than you, greater than just your own personal small world experience. And the way to come to this is in this moment. In this moment you have the opportunity to simply be and what greater opportunity is there than NOW,where you are left with you.

Every moment unfolding in new ways. Every moment undoing you breaking apart your understanding of normal and opening you to something greater Dear Ones. These are words for you this day, we love you and we support you and we hold you in the Divinity of who wyou are. We hold you in this, we breathe with you in this until you breath this as True and Truth in all that you are.

Your beloved friends.



Who is The HAO?

The HAO is a collective consciousness channeled by Nea Clare. HAO is an acronym that stands for HARMONIC ALIGNMENT IN ONENESS. The mission of the HAO is as emissary and herald of the new frequencies in consciousness, and a new age of being that they call Divine Harmony. The alignment is directly akin to the Divine/Sacred Feminine Consciousness that many have been feeling rising in our consciousness. The HAO are here to help us acclimate and align to a different paradigm/perspective to help us find alignment with and to this new consciousness.

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      1. Thank you Michele. The level of service in the transmissions seems to be getting more frequent, and I am grateful to have the time and space to be of service in this way. Blessings!

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