Book Study with Nea Clare

Join me for this powerful exploration of YOU! We will use the book, The Untethered Soul: Journey Beyond Yourself for this exploration.

What You Can Expect

In this course we will use the book, The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself as a guide to deepening our own personal journey to connecting our Divine Self.   We are at a time of unprecedented spiritual growth and development for individuals and for the collective consciousness.   What is so interesting is that this growth and development doesn’t look like meditation or yoga or any other spiritual practice.   

Instead, it is rising up in the ways in which we work, how we communicate and how we relate to each other and ourselves.   Most people are feeling a growing desire for FREEDOM.

We are seeking greater freedom. And this is coming through in the way that we work, seeking new ways to work the gig economy of this. We’re also seeking new ways of interacting with each other, look at all of the technology that we are implementing that opens the doors to new ways of communicating, new ways of thinking about how we connect  with others.

So it’s in this desire to be more FREE, that we are feeling the limitations of our current habits: thoughts, beliefs, stress, anxiety, fears and doubts.   Rising up, is the desire to find a way beyond these limitations and live in greater alignment with what we sense is who we really are.  You may have noticed this showing up with the question “what is my purpose” – it is shifting away from my purpose being what I do, to my purpose being who I am.

A Place to Start

The book, The Untethered Soulserves as a guide to how to interact and engage and build awareness of our true self.   Michael Singer presents a framework for breaking through our thoughts and emotions that keep us feeling trapped, stuck and dis empowered.   He offers guidance to accessing a new and fresh perspective on who it is we really are, and what we mean when we say “I” and “me”.    In this work together, we will open to new understanding of who we really are, and experience the freedom we so deeply desire.

This workshop is a sacred container for your personal exploration of YOU. I’m inviting each  of you to participate in and with each other.  We cannot bear witness to ourselves, so to share our experiences with others is a practice which yields more powerful and profound awareness for ourselves and invites a wealth of perspective to the group.   You are encouraged to bring yourself fully to this workshop, so that we can create something bigger and more beautiful together. 

What You WIll Need

  • A Copy of The Untethered Soul by Michael A Singer   (Kindle Reader or Hard copy…audio version is okay, but the audio is really boring…IMHO)
  • A Journal
  • Time to read and journal (put it on your calendar so you will do it)
  • Access to a Smart Device and wifi to access the Zoom Meeting – these meetings will be better if you can attend with your camera on, as we will be breaking up into small groups during the calls   (Details are outlined in the next section)

Are you ready? REGISTER HERE!

Kick off Call is Sunday March 29, 2020 at 6:30pm CST

If you are unable to register before the kick off call, all of the inforamtion will be recorded and sent to you. Our Weekly Zoom meetings will be weekly on Sunday at 6:30pm (6 total) .

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