Willing To Be Transformed

“Transformation literally means going beyond your form.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer

To speak of the last 4 months as crazy would be the understatement of the Century!   We are experiencing a complete upending of what we have come to know and understand and experience as “normal”.  This is a time that feels very unsettled, unbalanced and we are challenged to find consistency in the world in which we live.   

Have you noticed this?

As I have talked with many of my peers, clients, colleagues and friends I am hearing the same things over and over again.  Here are a few I want to share with you: 

1) This has been an opportunity to see ourselves fully.  With the business and distraction of every day life being stilled, there has been the spaciousness to develop a meaningful connection/awareness with our Self.
What have you learned about yourself over the last 4 months?   What changes or adjustments have you made as a result of this awareness?

2.) The old adage, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.” is in many ways proving to be true.  Many are finding their need for authentic connection and human touch amplified, in the wake of the measures of separation.   We are becoming more aware of our need for community/family/group experience, to be more clear and acute than it has been in the past.
What have you noticed about your own desire to be in connection with people in your life?  What has surprised you about what you are wanting?

3.) There is growing willingness to try new things.   Whether it is in business practices, ways we connect or even how we get things done day-to-day, our ability to be more agile and innovative has increased significantly.  Consider for yourself, what new things have I tried or done, that 4 months ago I would not have been open to (or had time for)?

It used to be that we were choosing when, where and how transformation in our life would occur.   Now it seems that the current conditions shaping our shared experiences is creating perfect conditions where the transformation is happening, even without our permission.   We are being changed. 

The question we have to reflect on for our self, is whether we are willing to be transformed and changed, even when we cannot yet imagine what the end result will be?

Are you willing?

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