The HAO Transmission 6.15.20

Ah, beautiful bright and beloved souls We are with you today. We are breathing with you. We are connecting and integrating Our vibration with your consciousness.

Beautiful bright, beloved human beings! We are The HOW we work with you harmonically aligning your consciousness into the vibration of oneness –  into the vibration of unlimited/ limitless expansive consciousness. 

That which is beyond your mind that which is beyond the limitation of the mental body. We are acclimating your consciousness, your vibration to work differently, Dear Ones! We are aligning and vibrating with you in this way that you may come to know the Truth of your divine being.

That you may come to know the Truth of your wholeness. Your Holiness. Dear Ones!

On this planet, there is much discord, but you must understand that much of this discord

is arising from the desire to be in harmony. Not just with your own vibration but that which is whole and holy in and among all beings on this planet.

In in among all creatures, and then among all of the structures that are born from this planet – -birthed from the Mother.  The vibration of mother that you are coming to understand your Mother planet.

Indeed, she has the vibration of Mother of feminine of that which is sacred, and whole and enduring, Dear Ones.   Stronger than you can imagine. Who is so clear in her function which is to create life and to create an environment that is sustaining life.

She has created the perfect environment for which you to live.   And you have been as a consciousness, Humanity has been out of alignment for so long.

Believing that humanity has created this environment that humanity can create gods and stories of gods that create that which is already in existence.

It is not to say that there is some misalignment in the story. It is not the story that has created the problem, or the idea of god or goddess, that has created the problem. It is the rules in which you operate. It is the idea that your stories are truer than Truth.

That you rely on your mental bodies, Dear Ones.  You rely on this instead of using it rightly.  And the and the rightly  is in a way that it is part of your process. It is a tool by which you come to label, to create structure in a world

that is ever growing ever emerging. And it is in the structures that you create that you have decided that this structure is more important than the experience of life -of that which is emerging in your vibrational awareness,  that which is emerging in your knowing which vibrates in your being.

And so instead of trusting your experience. You trust the constructs of words, constructs of stories, constructs of organizations of ideas …stories. And this Dear One is what keeps you from experiencing the Truth of your now moment. The   of your power, your knowing, your wisdom, your divinity. And breathe and feel the awareness that is emerging NOW, in and among humanity around the planet.

Not just where there is extreme discord due to cultural shifts.

But even in the peace time awareness that we are more than who we deemed to be. This awareness is what is arising in among your brothers and sisters. Where the structure the story of what you have believe no longer is measuring up.  

You are coming back to the vibration, the awareness of your experience, and it is in this experience that you come to know Truth. You come to feel the wholeness of you. The Truth of you, the vibration of you, that which is Holy in you and of you. You are far more capable than you give yourself credit for.

And as you awaken to that which you have held as small and tight and constricting and emerge from this…you experience grief Dear Ones.  You experience, deep sadness of all that you have held yourself back from.  All you have held, others back from, in your story. This is how you work together to hold constructs of limitation.

So, as you emerge from this cocoon that felt safe and familiar.  As you emerge from this, you feel your soft, tender spots you feel raw, and new and uncertain.

For the world is much greater than you have allowed yourself to know. You are much greater than you have allowed yourself to experience. And your brothers and sisters are also more expanded.

You have been wishing, longing, dreaming of a new way of being. Your dreams are even built in the limitations of your experience. Your mind, constructing images that only meet that what you allow in. Your dreams can be bigger Dear Ones!  Do they expand outward, are they only what is true and valuable for you, or can you conceive of a world in which there are new value shared construct shared understandings, in an among all of the fellowship of humanity. That which is arising in the consciousness that, in which every living being, knows the love that bore it. And that grows it.

This is the awakening, that you have longed for.

and what must be surrendered is that what you use to build all that you think about all that you seem to believe that you know, all of the structures you believe, are more solid and real than the experience of you.

…than the experience and energy of the Christ Consciousness that washes over, and through you. The  (Christ Consciousness) love, the creative force that moves in and through you, your capacity much greater than your mind can conceive.

Allowing your breath to guide you, allowing your breath to expand you.

This is your Way Dear Ones!

The Way to acclimate to be in the vibration of wholeness. Until you come to know it and trust it. more than you seek your mind to understand it.

We breathe with you that you may come and find yourselves. Find the wholeness and holiness of your own birthright. And that which is true for all of humanity. Breathe and know all is available to you in this NOW moment. And as it is for you. It is for the All.

We honor you and bless you in your willingness to open to a new consciousness, Dear One.

Who is The HAO?

The HAO is a collective consciousness channeled by Nea Clare. HAO is an acronym that stands for HARMONIC ALIGNMENT IN ONENESS. The mission of the HAO is as emissary and herald of the new frequencies in consciousness, and a new age of being that they call Divine Harmony. The alignment is directly akin to the Divine/Sacred Feminine Consciousness that many have been feeling rising in our consciousness. The HAO are here to help us acclimate and align to a different paradigm/perspective to help us find alignment with and to this new consciousness.


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