Join Me At the Edge

Come To The Edge

Come to the edge.

We might fall.

Come to the edge.

It’s too HIGH!


And they came

And he pushed

And they flew.

~Christopher Logue

The other day I was with a friend and one interrupted us, asking what exactly “at the Edge” means.  It reminded me that our language shapes experiences which may be missing something valuable if we don’t understand fully. Asking ensures understanding!

The coaching profession is unique in that it has many terms and concepts to describe what we do. Being ‘at an edge’ is one such term. Being at the edge captures that moment of awareness between where you have been and stepping into something new. It’s a tension filled with power, adrenaline,and trepidation as you stand at the precipice of something new.  When faced with change, many find themselves filled with anxiety, wondering what will happen next; sometimes taking action means giving up old habits for good ones or even just letting go completely so nothing holds us back anymore.

What you choose to do at the edge is important, and as a coach, my job is to help my clients see the power and impact of their choices.     

One of the most painful places to take up root is at the edge, because you feel the desire of what is calling you and still have the weight of what you are leaving taking up equal amounts of attention.  When I describe being at the edge with my clients I use the image of a baby bird learning to fly.  All birds know how to fly, it is intrinsic to who they are but the baby bird doesn’t yet know that, as it stretches its wings and steps one foot out of the nest.   Sometimes they fall to the ground, sometimes they stretch their wings and fly, and sometimes they try to fly while still holding on with their other foot to the security of the nest.  

What we do at the edge has a direct impact on our results.

Do you long to fly, but are afraid of falling?

The greatest pain in life is not just from the ground. It comes when we never let go of our fear and allow ourselves fall into our fear, and then rise again up and out of it. Sometimes we soar and sometimes we fumble, but each time we are learning and growing into who we are meant to be.  But with enough courage, anything becomes possible if only one doesn’t give into hesitation before action.

As a coach, supporting people who are at their edge is the greatest joy.  When we are growing we are going to come to an edge, and I too, work with a coach who helps me find the courage to let go and ride the wind. 

Are you ready to fly, but don’t know how or if you need support – set up a FREE Strategy Session today.

Reflection Questions

  • What are you ready to step into?
  • What are you being called up to be in the world?
  • What will you have to let go of in order to answer that call?

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