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Here’s How to Make Your 2022 Vision Come to Life

We have all known people who seem to be able to jump up at any new opportunity. They are always hitting the gym, looking for the next job promotion, starting a family, learning a new language…and they are not bogged down with self-doubt.

How do they do it? Are they just inherently ‘stronger’ or more driven than everyone else? Or is there something else going on here?

The truth is that even though these types of individuals may appear to be fortunate enough for life to come easily to them, nothing could be further from the truth! They work hard at their dreams and desires too.    The difference is that they have learned how to make lasting change happen. This article provides guidance to help you achieve your goals too!

Let’s get real, changing a behavior can be challenging! It requires desire, self-awareness, willingness, and commitment!

  1. You must have a compelling DESIRE for this change in your life.
  2. You must develop SELF-AWARENESS of your reactions, habits, and hesitations.
  3. You must be WILLING to be uncomfortable with trying something new.
  4. You must have COMMITMENT to your goal/vision, to help you see this through.

The first point is important because, if a person does not recognize the need for a change or simply does not want to change, they cannot be changed. You could force them, through positive or negative reinforcement, to act differently, but they wouldn’t truly change inside without a will to do so.

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The second point is important because behaviors are always the result of something our subconscious need to maintain what is familiar. In order to make change, we have to be hyper-conscious of what we want, so we can choose how we want to respond in a new way.    You don’t need to understand your history to enact change, but you do need to be able to recognize your thoughts, habits, and reactions that may be creating hesitation, doubt and resistance to the change you desire in your life.

Learning something can be exciting, but it can also trigger feelings of self-doubt, inadequacy and failure. When you engage in developing new habits, no matter what it is, it is about being willing to learn, and be new. Michael Levine said, “Sometimes we stay in hell a long time because we’ve learned the names of the streets.” You learned ‘the streets’ over time, you developed your expertise and knowledge by trial and error, and now you are familiar. It is important to remember to do something new, we must all begin willing to not know so that you can achieve what you want.

Finally, making any real or long-term changes will be difficult if you are not dedicated. Self-discipline is the practice of regularly engaging in activities (thoughts, actions, decisions, and choices) that support your objective. It necessitates consistency of effort and dedication to your goals.

Guidelines to help you stay committed to achieving your Vision/Goal

  • Remind yourself why you’re making the change and the impact it will have.
  • Recall how you’ve previously overcome obstacles, so you may face them now.
  • Remind yourself of how good it feels to learn something new.
  • Recognize your improvement and celebrate your achievements!
  • Reward yourself for making progress and hitting milestones!

Making long-term improvements necessitates a lot of deliberate effort, which most of us dislike. However, it is through this change process where you will experience feelings of accomplishment and achievement. Your feelings of personal power and capacity will be renewed and have a lasting impact on all areas of your life. You are deserving of the effort required to achieve your goals, and it will pay off handsomely. So, let this be the year that you’re ALL IN to achieve your goals.

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