A Channeled Message 8.4.2022

“A Collective Quaking”

Channeling The HAO Collective through Nea Clare

On Thursday afternoon, August 4, 2022 around 3pm CST, I was overcome by a feeling of deep grief and unease. Up until that point my day had been lovely and very productive, and that feeling just came out of nowhere. After a bit, I decided to take a break and do some writing to see if there was any message that flowed through.

Here is what I wrote

These feelings of disruption are deeply rooted to selfishness and self-righteousness which supports the belief that the individual is ‘superior’ to the collective.  How can it be so?

The heaviness and bitterness in the phrases, “There is only one way- and that is what works for me.” is what is at the core of this current emotional disruption – leading to feelings of uneasiness, guilt, shame, fear and profound sadness.   (Individualizing is profoundly lonely for our souls, as our nature is collective).

The root cause is power that is not rightly held and therefore withheld – putting energy into upholding power structures that take power from, rather than give power to others. 

Power, like Love is exponential and expansive – in that the more it is given, the more it is experienced.  When it is withheld- it creates a deep sense of longing that leads to soul-starvation.   No one can truly live without being loved, and life without power – power to choose, power to grow, power to be – this creates deep and profound hunger. (A hunger that cannot be satisfied from outside forces, we must learn to cultivate our own sense of personal power and self-love to find satisfaction…or fulfillment.)

Power, like Love must be given and received.   Without that exchange – of willingly choosing to lead/to follow, to give/to receive – power becomes corrupted to be power over rather than power in.

True power recognizes, honors and upholds power in others as a given, and in this we find our way back to a natural state of harmony. 

So, now there is a disturbance you are experiencing – and it is like a global quake (like an earthquake – of 4.5 on the Richter scale) of human consciousness beginning to realize the condition of limitation you are living in.

Powerlessness – in this current consciousness is a constraint that is being broken down and you are experiencing grief of what you have missed, what has been as you are also experiencing hope and possibilities.   (Like Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ when she realized she had the power to go home the whole time – she had an adventure, but also realizing she could have been home).

It creates a feeling of hope and hopelessness. (We must see that it is both/and – not either/or).

It is the hopelessness that requires no effort to experience because you are familiar with feeling like you have no choice – choicelessness is more familiar to you than knowing the power of your capacity to choose.

If only you would see that that too is a choice.   That would be a step in the direction of experiencing your personal power. 


  • Additional context provided by Nea Clare in parenthesis.   
  • We should expect that we will experience more Collective Quaking in the coming weeks and months as we are becoming more willing to ‘see’ and ‘experience’ life as it is, rather than life as we want it to be.

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  1. Just read this today 8/7. I was at a family reunion and had to go find a quiet place to be as I started crying. A deep sense of loss surrounded me. It has stuck with me for many hours. Thank you for the insights. It has truly helped me understand why I felt what I did. At the time I told the Universe that I did not like being deeply empathetic. I did realize that it is a gift and I needed to spend some time in the feelings but not set up home there. Again thanks you.

    1. Hi Eliane, I am so glad this was helpful for you. We are experiencing our own emotions and those of the world- it is hard sometimes to understand how much we can feel at any given time. But we are more powerful and more capable than we allow ourselves to truly know. I am sending you lots of love and prayers! xoxo

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