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A Q & A with Nea Clare

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Nea Clare

A bit about me

I am a Channel. I have been channeling in some form for my entire life.  It wasn’t until after I had my first child, that I began to recognize my unique gift.  I was reluctant to say yes to this work, because quite frankly, it felt too weird and outside of the reason and logic I valued.  The challenge was that it was a very real experience for me – it was easy- truly effortless for me to step aside to allow these teachers to speak through my vessel.  The last 8 years of this work have been unbelievably transformative for me on all levels – from feeling like I (Nea Clare) don’t really matter, to experiencing the thrill of being important and receiving recognition, to now experiencing the residue of the work in who I am, and how I engage with people and the world.

I teach.  I coach.  I facilitate personal transformation and acceleration helping my clients find faith in themselves and willingness to declare a Resounding YES to who they truly are and what they want to create/manifest in their lives.   We all have habits of hesitation that perpetuate a life lived at the edge of possibility.  The edge of possibility is a very painful place to set up camp, because we can feel the pull of what is possible and are still steeped in the comfort of what we know (and have known).   In my classes and coaching, I help my clients uncover their underlying habits of hesitation and find the willingness to take bold imperfect actions toward their desires.  The result is a clear connection with your Soul – that part of you that is always guiding you, the still small voice that whispers to you with desires and frustrations.  You learn to listen, pay attention and act from your own wisdom, you experience your personal power and utilize your innate creative force to create a life you LOVE.

A Conversation with Nea Clare about Channeling

What is channeling?

Channeling is the act of allowing an etheric entity/Spirit to enter my physical form and use my vocal cords and animate my body to be able to share and express messages in a very tangible and meaningful way for people.    Human beings really do live by the idea that ‘seeing is believing’ and channeling is a way to experience the potency and energy of these teachers and be open to their messages.

I channel in 2 ways- full channeling, which some people refer to as trance channeling.  This type of channeling is what I described above, where an entity/spirit fully enters my physical body and my soul/spirit body leaves my physical body for the duration of the session, presentation or event.  

I also can channel while fully in my body and fully conscious.  This is the experience I have had most of my life and felt so natural that I wasn’t aware of it until I began doing this work.  Words, ideas, and expressions can be shared through me, while I am talking with people and clients.  Now that I am more aware of this aspect of my gift, I can pay more attention when I am accessing information for someone or ignore it when the information is not where I need to be focusing.  Much of my one-on-one work, especially over Zoom calls (or phone) is done in this manner to help ensure we are utilizing time and managing technology appropriately.

Where do you go when you are channeling?

My consciousness/soul leaves my body, and I am often receiving teachings or information in a more direct way.  I don’t really go to a place, it is more of an expanded awareness, where I am here there and everywhere at the same time, much less bound by the physical world.   There is a connection between me and my body, me and the person or group I am working with and me and the teacher I am channeling.   I am always available to return in a moment’s notice.

Who or What do you channel?

I work with the Ascended Masters, Archangels and entities whose primary purpose is to teach and provide information, perspective and guidance through our human experience.    

I have worked with: Melchizedek, Quan Yin, Saint Germain, Lady Nada, Sananda/Jesus, Kuthumi, Mattraiya, Mother Mary, Babaji, El Morya, Archangels Michael, Metatron, Raphael, Sandalphon, and more.  Since 2018, I have also channeled a collective consciousness who call themselves The Harmonic Alignment in Oneness or The HAO (pronounced ‘how’) Collective. The HAO comes to us as an emissary for the awakening divine harmonic consciousness we are now experiencing.  

When I first started, I did not realize I had choices about who or what I was channeling. So, at events, I was like a revolving door – channeling people’s guides and loved ones who had passed. It was one in, one out, and it was completely exhausting.  And at that point I made a very conscious decision to work with beings at a higher plane of consciousness, as they have less density which left me feeling energized rather than exhausted.

When people’s guides or loved one’s who have passed show up, I choose to return to my physical form and receive messages consciously. This reduces my need to embody the energy and still be of service.

Do you worry about dark forces/energy or entities coming through?

Honestly, I really dont worry about this at all.   

When I agreed to do this work, I set a very clear intention for myself, my work and those entities with whom I work.  All of the work that I am saying yes to, is what is good for me, for the people I am serving and honoring those who I am channeling.  I will channel only messages, concepts and ideas that uplift and provide helpful support to those who are receiving them.

I do trust that there are people who want more of this type of experience- to be frightened or to experience dramatic tension, but that is not the way I want to be of service.  Instead, I want to share the experiences I have been blessed to have, and that is one of infinite support, insight and wisdom that support me in who I am and who I am becoming.  If we could all feel that level of support, I believe we would experience more confidence in ourselves and our capability to be of service in the world.

And in 10 years, that intention has been honored 100%.

Do you spend time explaining or providing context for the entities you work with?

I don’t spend a lot of time on those details.  Sometimes context (which is based on perception and story) can cloud the message and the messenger.    I learn as I go, but these entities do not spend time preparing me or giving me back stories/ histories, because it is not necessary.  It has been a lesson in faith, to trust that what is needed is always shared, and what isn’t shared is likely ancillary to the message.  In many ways, for me, this is a blessing – because it allows me to just meet each experience fresh and new.  Over time I have come to learn the personalities and energy signatures of most of these teachers, and there is a relationship I truly value.   

What is your role as a channel?

I began thinking that my role was to just get out of the way, and that I was of very little significance to the experience for these teachers and even to the groups I was pulling together for these teachings.   But that is not at all true, and something I could only come to through continued work with these teachers and my continued willingness to say YES to showing up to the work.  Overtime, I came to realize that they asked ME to work with them, and I have come to realize that it is largely because I am deeply willing to show up and make sacred space for these teachings to occur.  Also, I love to host gatherings and facilitate learning- which has allowed for deeper and more authentic connection to the teachings and moving into action.

The last few years, I have been able to see the transformation that has occurred in me – my energy, my attitude, my view on life and how to live has entirely changed.  There is a deep inner peace and certainty that was not there 8 years ago.   It is powerful.  It is my deep belief that every time I open my vessel (physical and energetic bodies) to receive these teachers, their energetic vibration/frequency impacts my vibration/frequency – and I am changed/transformed in the process.   Like an energetic residue.

What are the biggest lessons you have learned as a channel?

  • Love is a much greater force that we understand.  It is the force that allows ideas to be formed into matter, and matter becomes substance.   Love is everywhere and everything, abundant and ever present.  Most humans view love as an ideal and that it is to be transacted, which often generates a mental image of exchanges similar to money.  I have plenty, while others have none- this couldn’t be farther from the truth.  
  • We humans take life too seriously – we are really funny creatures who are designed to learn from our mistakes and failures, but we often let our fear of these mistakes and failures keep us from trying…and therefore keep us from living and learning.
  • We humans have an operating system that is running the show– our subconscious – which is built on habits.  Think of a program that just runs… and informs all other programs and apps we install… what they can and cannot do.  But those limits/rules are not overt, they just shut down certain things and amplify others… and all while running silently in the background.   If we change our operating system (habits) we can truly change how we engage with ourselves and the world.
  • We are meant to love and be loved.  And this seems so simple, but when our operating system (see previous) is focused on self-preservation/protection – we often shut down or limit the love we give and receive, which leaves us hungry and experiencing a profound sense of loneliness and pain.
  • The answer is always YES.  Yes, is the language of the Universe/God/Oneness. You want something – the answer is YES.  You want something that is not in your best interest. The answer is YES.  God is not choosing for you, only responding to you.  You are the creative force through which God experiences and expands.
  • Your personal power lies in your ability AND willingness to choose.  So choose.  When you choose you are no longer a victim to the whims of the world, you are deciding what gets your energy and attention.  And when you choose, you have the power to change your mind/direction. 
  • Most humans are engaged in oppressive systems – whether as oppressors or as being oppressed. And even in some cases choosing an oppressive situation (relationships, work) because it is so familiar.   
  • Systematic oppression is the root of human suffering, and the experience is carried forward generation after generation, further imprinting oppression in our way of being… When we speak of Awakening (spiritual or otherwise) it is waking up to the system and choosing a new path, and this goal must be for a collective awakening, otherwise it is simply moving from one box to a new box.

What other questions do you have about Channeling?

Post your questions in the comments and I will be happy to reply!

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